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Find the important uses of glass jar

Proper and healthy food storage is necessary to give the absolute protection against the food contamination. If the food is not stored properly, the dangerous germs eventually grow quickly in the food leading to the illness or food poisoning. So, the food should be put in a container that can be covered tightly to reduce the toxic reactions. Therefore to prevent the potential contamination glass jar is the most effective container you need.

Find the important uses of glass jar


Glass food jar is specially designed to preserve many food items for a long time such as grain, rice, flour, tea, spices, etc. It also preserves the leftover and keeps food intact and fresh without changing its taste or smell and especially the nutritious.

The glass jars are quite portable. You can carry it to deferent places in your handbags.

The glass container also helps you to organize your kitchen in a better way and make your life easier.


In present day’s it has been coming into eyes that most consumers prefer to use glass material jars to fulfill their domestic purposes. This is due to the presence of a harmful chemical commonly known as BPA (Bisphenol A) in the plastic containers. Hence various companies are manufacturing a wide variety of glass jars or containers. Glass is made of some natural materials. And because of its harmless raw materials, it has no bad impact on the environment.

The glass jars have a lot of advantage. They are totally transparent and easy to see everything from outside. Some of them are round in shape. The sealing type is usually airtight screw cap.

Some of the glass jars are cylindrical shaped. The mouth of the jar remains sealed if you bought a glass jar contained food from the market. It is also used for the household purposes. Mainly it used to store jam, jelly, pickles, various dry raw food ingredients, spices etc.


There are miscellaneous types of jars. They are either made of ceramic materials or glass materials or even plastic. However, the best of all is the glass jar. These types of jars are extremely useful in storing food items. There are various types of glass jars described below.

  • 1) Mason jar: A mason jar is invented in the year 1858, which is used to store foods. The mason jars or ball jars that have a metal lid with a cylindrical shaped body and a large neck.This type of glass Jar can easily be found in Glass jar wholesale market.
  • 2) Weck jar: A Weck jar is another type of modern day glass jar. This type of glass jars are used for many purposes but it is specially used to preserve jam or pickles. This jar is mainly popular because of its small look and foolproof rubber gasket with an air-tight glass lid. Weck jar was originally invented by J. Weck Company, which is based in Germany.
  • 3) Kilner jar: A Kilner Jar is also a popular type of glass jar. It is sealed with rubber and it’s a screw-topped jar with nice features. Kilner Jar was developed by the Kilner Family in 1928 and John Kilner& Co., based in Yorkshire, England came out with this amazing creation.This type of glass jars is ideal for bottling foods and other items.

Nowadays glass jars are the very commonly used product. Not only it looks good but also it has effectiveness to preserve any food better than plastic or any other metal container.

Way to go

The first man-made glass was produced in 5000 to 3500 BC. And the first hollow glass container invented in 1500 BC. Ages ago it was produced by coating sand with molten glass. Gradually it replaced by the process of glass blowing. And later on, the automatic glass blowing machine had been invented.

Now a glass jar manufacturing process covers several stages. The process follows the stages from beginning to end are:

  • 1. Raw Material
  • 2. Melting
  • 3. Forming
  • 4. Annealing
  • 5. Physical Inspection
  • 6. Machine and Laser Inspection
  • 7. Secondary Physical Inspection
  • 8. Quality Control, and finally
  • 9. Packing

To seal a glass jar also used various things. The seal which is used to close the mouth of the glass jar can be a metal lid, plug cap, a screw cap, cork stopper or even using other suitable means.

There are some manufacturers in the online market who offer top quality glass jar for sale produced them by following the above process. So what are you waiting for? You just need to browse and the suitable one as per your needs.

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