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Glass Jars and their Uses

A jar is usually a cylindrical shaped container, which is specifically used to store various items. They are mostly used to store jams, jellies, pickles etc. The mouth of the jar remains sealed with a lid, which has to be opened by using a bottle opener. Jars are either made of ceramic or glass or plastic material.

Glass Jars and their Uses

Types of jar: There are various types of the jar. Some of them are made of the ceramic material, some are plastic. However, the best of all is the glass jar. The glass jars are extremely useful in storing food items.

1. A mason jar, invented in the year 1858, is also extensively used to store foods. The mason jars or ball jars have a metal lid.

2. Glass jars are also another type of container, which is used to store foods. Thick glass is used to make a glass jar. Glass jar wholesale items are found in the market. They are used for many purposes.

3. Weck jar is another type of glass jar, which is usually found in molded form. This type of glass jar is mainly used for jam preservation. Weck jars were originally invented by J. Weck Company of Germany. This type of glass jars for sale is quite common.

4. Kilner jar is also a very common type of glass jar, which was invented by Kilner family of England. This type of glass jar was found in the year 1928. They are ideal for storing food and other items.

5. Nowadays glass jar water bottles are very common. They look very nice too. The glass jars have a lot of advantage. They are totally transparent. Hence everything is visible from outside. Secondly, most of them are round in shape. The sealing type is usually a screw cap.

6. In present day’s it has been noticed that most of the people prefer to use glass material jars and containers for their domestic use. This is due to the problems that have arisen from plastic products. Hence various companies are manufacturing a wide variety of glass products, which we sell at wholesale prices too. Glass is made of an amorphous material. It is found in crystal form that has a high arrangement of atoms.

How is a glass made?

This is really a very interesting question. Glass, a very important material, is made of by melting of various substances at a very high temperature. Out of all the elements, silica is the most important component. Silica is combined or mixed with soda ash and limestone at a temperature of 1700 degree. The temperature is very high. Once a glass is made it is used for various purposes. Some of it is used for manufacturing jars, containers etc. Some of it is used for manufacturing other important materials. In fact, a lot of important products are made from glass. Glass has the capacity to reflect and refract. It can be given different geometrical shapes. In each of the shapes, the glass looks awesome.

Glass jars are ideal for domestic purposes. They can be used for storing food items both solid and liquids. The cost of a glass jar is comparatively higher than any other materials. Food items are kept fresh for longer periods of time in glass jars. It has been seen in a recent survey that glass jars are found to be more reliable in storing food items. Even in earlier days, it has been seen that glass items were used in kitchens. The use of glass was quite common in the medieval period. However with the discovery of other products like plastic, fiber the use of glass was reduced to some extent but until recently most people preferred glass. Due to several health related issues in recent times the use of glass has increased tremendously. Therefore the cylindrically shaped jar has occupied a very vital position in kitchens. It has a lot of utility and has been preferred and liked by many people.

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