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Glass jars: Types and their Significance

The container glass that is used for the production of glass containers, such as jars, bottles, and bowls is a special type of glass. This glass is a bit different from the normal flat glass. In this article, we will talk about various glass containers, their types, uses, significance and discuss in details about jars.

Glass jars: Types and their Significance

Generally, there are about five types of glass containers –

  • Jars

A jar is a wide-mouthed glass container without any appreciable neck. Utensils or a finger might be used for taking things out of these containers. Mostly used for storing liquid, jams, preserves and honey, and dry products.

  • Bottle

A bottle is a glass container with a longer neck when compared to the jar. Mainly used for the purpose of storing liquid products.

  • Jug

Jugs are large glass containers with the capacity of a used for pouring liquid products.

  • Ampoules/Vials

These are small containers used for storing small quantities of food ingredients such as colorants and spices, or medicines

  • Tumbler

Tumblers are basically shaped like drinking glasses. Used for storing both liquid and dry products.

What is a Jar?

Basically, a jar is rigid and round; a cylindrical container with quite a broad orifice or opening. Now let’s talk about what these jars are made of! Jars are basically made of plastic, glass, or ceramics. Jars can be used for the purpose of storing foods, medicines, chemicals which are relatively viscous, and definitely cosmetics. Nowadays pourable fluids are normally packaged in glass jars or bottles. Jars store those items which are too large to be stored in bottles as they have narrow necks.

Now let’s talk about a few more uses of the jars. Glass jars can be utilized for food preservation and home canning reasons. They can be used to store or conserve items as varied as a pickled gherkin, jams, other pickles, olives, marmalade, chutneys, pickled eggs, sundried tomatoes, honey, pickled eggs, peppers, and a lots more. Jam jars are usually made of a thicker glass to do better reservations. These jars are even often re-used so that homemade preserves can be stored in them.

Usage of Jars

Let us talk about the usage of jars. Firstly jars are sterilized by putting them in a hot or high-pressure environment, such as inside a pressure cooker with boiling water or even in a kiln or oven for a few minutes. After using several times, glass food storage containers can be recycled and used again, if they’re not to be used anymore.

Jars are closed using various things. A closure which is used at the mouth of a jar can be a metal lid, plug cap, a screw cap, cork stopper or even using other suitable means. Some jars are even microwavable if proper care is taken to prevent splashing of any boiling contents (without their metal lids!!).

These jars are at times salvaged according to the SPI recycling cipher for their glass. Some regions (other parts of Europe) even have an officially mandated deposit which is returned after returning the container to the respective merchant. Some recyclers have concerns about left-over contents in the jars from the viscous contents, but this is generally burned off during recycling.

Glass jars are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, types, styles and definitely to fit your unique needs. Whether they are industrial jars, cookie jars, antique jars, you can look for these jars in a various range of affordable prices. With the fast digitization of the world and development of the internet, you will find various websites selling these glass jars; such as ours!

These suppliers of jars often offer several jars with various styles and types which again vary in sizes, use, and price. To be a good savvy jar shopper, you need to compare the types and styles in order to find the perfect jars for your specific needs. While preparing to buy jars for your business you need to keep a few things in mind –

  • Only buy those jars which are aesthetically pleasing to package and showcase food and other products.
  • Customize jars with your own business slogans and logos which will help advertise your brand and business.
  • You should look to purchase glass jars and commercial jar products in bulk so as to secure best prices on jars to meet your demands.


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