Hexagonal Preserve Jar 110ml / Jam Jar

These clear glass round, hexagonal and panelled jam jars for preserves and honey. See below for our twist-off lids to match.The sturdy, squat character of this extensive range of Plain Round Glass Jam and Preserve Jars packages your product in a classic and economical container.The label panel borders the label area and protects your product label from rubbing and chaffing during transportation. All accept Twist-Off Closures, lined to be suitable for use with pickles and preserves as well.Our honey jars take their own ‘flow-lined’ lid, which is only suitable for honey and not other jams or preserves due to their slightly acidic nature. Our honey jars take a traditional 1lb or 454g amount.

Weight 7.748 kg


Neck Size

48mm T/O

Pack Quantity



White Flint