Jam Jars, Food jars & Honey jars

Wains of Tunbridge Wells stock a wide range of glass bottles and jars to suit any food product, from preserves and condiments to sauces and dressings. This is our range of jam jars and preserve jars. All can be ordered on their own or with a choice of twist-off lid colours, which are lined to make them suitable for all jams, preserves, pickles and honey. We have round 'panelled' jam jars as well as hexagonal jam jars and also stock a traditional 1lb honey jar. Alongside our jam and preserve jar range we have a square food jar (great for chutneys and pickles) and also a hexagonal sauce bottle, which is perfect for those home made ketchups and bbq sauces. Our glass bottles and jars are made from Soda-lime-silica (type III) glass, which meets the requirements of the British and European Pharmacopoeia. All our glass bottles and jars are produced in accordance with the regulations under the Materials and Articles in Contact with Food regulations.