One Hole Plug – Plugs to fit Various Bottle Types, R4/18mm


The Plugs listed below are all manufactured from Natural Polythene (except P9698C3 – White). The ‘CP’ code numbers are universal and will fit either Glass or Plastic Bottles. They have ‘ribs’ to allow them to grip firmly into the Neck of the Bottle. The ‘P56’ code numbers are specifically designed to suit the ‘Jubilee’ range of Bottles, the P586079P item is only for the ‘Boston’ Bottle and the ‘P96’ code numbers are specifically for the Cylindrical range of Bottles. The item code number ‘A2150’ is the only insert available for the ‘Winchester’ range of Glass Bottles, fitting all sizes with a 20mm Neck finish. Other options my be available to special order.

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 12 mm
Neck Size


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